General Title I Questions

  • What is Title I?
    • Title I is a federally funded program through the state that provides opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the State proficiency standards. This purpose is accomplished in two ways: (1) by providing children supplemental support through enriched and accelerated education programs; and (2) by providing instructional personnel with substantial opportunities for professional development.
  • What is supplemental?
    • Teaching that completes or enhances the students learning/instruction.  It is NOT Teaching the same as the classroom teacher. An example would be a student needs further instruction in reading fluency.  The small group instruction would focus on that skill for the student's success.

  • How does my child get into the PES Title I program?
    • The classroom teacher contacts the parent about weakness in certain academic areas.  The teacher completes a referral form which includes student iReady score and various questions on classroom performance.  The referral is turned into the Title I project manager and the Title I team determines if the child qualifies based on their referral form scale score.  The higher the score the bigger the need. 
  • Does Title I provide after school tutoring help?
    • Yes, although it is for students who are in the Title I program and it is on a rotation bases.  During this time there are 2 tutors in the room that have intervention station set up as well as homework assistance.  Kindergarten through Grade 2 is on Tuesdays and grades 3 through 5 is on Thursdays after school.  This is on an invite bases and verification of enrollment is sent home prior to the start of the program. 
  • What is the difference between Title I and IEP?
    • Title I is a federally funded program to help students who have weaknesses and/or gaps in their achievement level.  Title I targets reading and math support in and outside of the classroom.   In Title I students are monitored through the Title I program and the Student Assistant Team (SAT) process.  Goals are adjusted based on students progress throughout the school year. An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that is created based on a special education identification and the plan meets their specific needs through various methods of services (Speech, OT, PT, Social Emotion, Academic services).