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Pelham Elementary School - Circulation Guidelines

Student’s visit the Media Center on a six day Unified Arts rotation.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit the Media Center before, during, and after school.  Our mission is to create a life-long love for reading in our students. All book checkouts are for one week.  However, students are allowed to renew their book titles as needed. If another student has reserved the book title, the current student will have one additional rotation to finish reading their book before needing to return.  Also, students can return their books at any time and exchange it for a different title if he/she desires. Remember, the library is here for you and we want you to visit when your schedule permits and explore!

What if I visit the library on my scheduled library rotation day and forget my book/s?

If you forget your library book we will let you place a book on hold. Please visit us the following day and return the book

you had out and we will gladly scan your new book to be taken home with you.

Can I reserve a book that is not currently in the library?

Yes, you can absolutely reserve books. Just visit the circulation desk and we will be sure to add your name and

title into Destiny. When the book is returned from the prior patron will will alert you.

What if I have reached my allowed book check number and need an additional book for check out?

No worries, exceptions are always made! We are here for you....

Can staff check out books from the library?

Yes, staff may check out books and videos at any time. There is no limit as to how many you check out for your classroom.

Can staff access a professional collection of books from the library?

Yes, staff can access a wide variety of professional literature from the library.


K, 1, and 2

1 book per visit

3, 4, and 5

2 books per visit


Unlimited book access