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Library FAQ

How long may I borrow or check out a book or magazine from the Library?
All books and magazines are checked out of the Library until your next Library class which is approximately 

week.  You may also renew a book once. 
How many books am I allowed to check out?
Grades 1 & 2 are allowed to check out one book or magazine when they visit the Library.  
Grades 3 - 5 are allowed to check out two books or one book & one magazine when they 

visit the Library.
What happens if I forget to bring my book back to return during my Library class?
You may return your overdue book at any time to the Library by putting it into the RETURN

SLOT at the circulation desk.  You may not borrow any other Library materials until you 

return what you already have checked out.

What if I lose my Library book?
When you lose any Library book or damage it beyond repair, you will need to pay for the replacement cost of the 

book.  If you find a lost book and return it to the Library in good condition, we will gladly refund any payment you 

have made.  You may not check out any other Library materials until you have taken care of your obligation.
 What if I cannot find a book I am looking for?
Please ask Mrs. Gamble or Mrs. Sauer to help you with finding any books you are looking for.   We are 

more than happy to help you find books to read for your enjoyment and books you may need for research.