My Child Is Currently In Title I

  • How is it determined if my child receives reading or math services?
    • We only service one academic area at one time.  The classroom teacher looks at the student's overall performance and determines where the greater need is. 
  • Can my child switch from Reading to Math Services?
    • Absolutely, although it is the same qualification process
  • When does my child receive Title I services? 
    • Students receive Title I services during their W.I.N time (What I Need)
  • How often does my child receive services?
    • That depends on the child's need.  As the student progresses through the program the days may lessen as we are trying to graduate them from the program.  There are times that we provide services in the classroom although the student is not missing any instructional time or face time with the classroom teacher. 
  • How often are groups evaluated and changed throughout the school year? 
    • Students are reviewed every 6-8 weeks.  The Title I staff meets to discuss the progress of all students in the program and re-evaluates groups if needed.  After the Tutors meet parents will receive notification of who their tutor is for the next 6-8 week cycle. 
  • What is taught during Title I time?
    • Students in Title I are also in our SAT process (Student Assistance Team), this is the old RtI program.  The SAT process establishes goals for each student based on their needs.  This is communicated to the Title I team and lessons are built off of their goals to meet their specific needs. 
  • Is my child in Title I through the entire grade or through elementary school?
    • No, our goal is graduate students from the program as we see their continually success
  • How do I know how my child is doing with Title I support?
    • Title I sends a progress report home with the report card each trimester.  Parent can also reach out to their child's classroom teacher or to their Title I Tutor.  The Title I tutors communicate weekly with the classroom teacher about what they are working on and student progress.