My Child Is Going to Middle School

  • My child is currently in Title I and I know that there is not a Title I program at Pelham Memorial School, what is in place for my child's needs? 
    • Pelham Memorial School has a W.I.N period (What I Need) where the student can seek help from teachers at the students discretion.  They also have a literacy block during the school day in which the students go to a certain teacher based on need to intervene or enhance their skills. These groups are established by the teachers and rotated on a 6-8 week intervention cycle based on student progress. 
  • Does the PES Title I program share with PMS the students progress and goals? 
    • PES has a Student Assistance Team (SAT) which monitors student progress and establishes goals for students to work.  Each child within the SAT process has a folder that goes up to PMS for the teachers to use as a resource to get to know the student and move forward on student goals.