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Guidance Services

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Every spring, an Orientation Night is held in order to acquaint parents of incoming kindergarten and first graders 
with the registration process. 
Various staff members speak about what to expect when children come to kindergarten and first grade, 
and an opportunity to ask questions is provided. If anyone has any specific questions or concerns about entering 1st grade, they can contact Mrs. Oliver at 635-8875, ext. 1022. If anyone has any specific questions or concerns about entering kindergarten, they can contact the Main Office at 635-8755.

Mrs. Flaherty works with the 5th and 6th grade staff to help 5th graders make the transition to middle school in the spring. This includes small group tours for students who may need an extra visit, 6th graders coming over for a Q&A to the 5th grade classrooms, shadow days, move up day and parent information night.  


Grade 1: 
Activities for grade 1 are conducted by Mrs. Oliver.
The first five lessons will focus on our I Care Rules: 
  1. We listen to each other. 
  2. Hands are for helping, not hurting. 
  3. We use I-Care Language. 
  4. We Care about each other's feelings. 
  5. We are responsible for what we say and do. 

Students will learn that when someone hurts someone's feelings or body on purpose it's called bullying, and that if we all follow the I-Care Rules we can make sure that that won't happen. During our 6th lesson, we will learn about good touches and bad touches. We will watch a video with two puppets named Mark and Baby Bear, who are very silly. They will explain the difference between good touches and bad touches. They will explain that the private parts of your body are covered by your bathing suit, and that no one should touch you there. If someone tries to touch you there, you need to: 
  1. Tell them to STOP! 
  2. Get away. 
  3. Tell a grown up. 
If the grown up doesn't believe you, you need to keep telling grown ups until someone does believe you and helps you. If the grown up tells you it's a secret, that's a bad secret. You do not have to keep a bad secret that makes you feel bad inside. You should tell mom or dad whenever someone tells you something that makes you feel scared or confused. The puppets make it fun to learn about a very sensitive subject. If you would like to preview the video before it is shown to the class, please call Mrs. Oliver or send her a note and she would be glad to lend it to you. 
Grade 3: Activities for grade 3 are conducted by Mrs. Oliver 
During our lessons we will be using the computers in the Technology Lab to explore Paws In Jobland. This is a website that allows children to find out about careers in an interactive manner. 

To learn more: 
  1. Go to 
  2. In the Parent Sign In section, click on the Site ID tab. 
  3. Enter Site ID: 1223815 and Password: panthers 
  4. Click the Login arrow. 
  5. Refer to the Helping with Career Planning section to discover how to help students with career exploration and planning. 
Grade 4: Activities for grade 4 are conducted by Mrs. Flaherty and Miss DiRenzo.
Issues around Bullying.
Students will come to understand the difference between joking, teasing and bullying behavior. They will also examine the concept of "courage" and what they can do to help stop bullying behavior. We will come up with action plans to stop bullying. The students will also have the opportunity to engage in an interactive Powerpoint presentation and review child-related websites on bullying. The fourth grade guidance activities are taking place during Health Class. 

Both individual and group counseling services are available to the students at Pelham Elementary School by the School Counselors. Requests for counseling may be made by parents, teachers, or students themselves. Topics to be discussed may include, but are not limited to, the following: 
  • dealing with divorce
  • coping with a death in the family
  • adjusting to new marriage or a blended family
  • making new friends
  • dealing with problems with peers
  • managing anxiety & worries
  • raising low self-esteem
Behavior modification charts can also be created and monitored to encourage children to make 
good choices at home or at school. In order to coordinate referrals for counseling, In general, Mrs. Oliver provides counseling and classroom support for students who are regular education students, and Mrs. Flaherty provides counseling and classroom support for students who have special education plans. Exceptions will be made if a student has an existing relationship with either of the counselors and wishes to continue, or for other reasons that are in the best interest of the students.