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Title I Program


Title I Program

The Title I Program is a federally funded program. Our goal is to help

students improve their basic reading and math skills by supporting and

reinforcing classroom instruction. Most of our Title I services are

provided using an "in class" model.

Title I services are available for our PES students in grades K-5. We

offer reading or math support as a supplement to classroom instruction.
Children are often referred to the Title I Program based on iReady results, classroom

assessments, teacher recommendation and/or the Student Assistance Team

Recommendation. A teacher completes a referral/selection form with specific questions

about the students academics and classroom performance. The project manager and Title I

team determines the students qualification based on the referral form. Parents are notified regarding if

the students qualifies for the program and given a “Permission to Participate” form, along

with test results. This form must be signed and returned before Title I services can begin.

If a student does not qualify for Title I services parents will be notified with a do not qualify letter.